Best content mills 2018

Best content mills

Content mills are catching on. New ones are popping up constantly. Some good, some awful. The  best content mills 2018 may just save you a lot of time and stress so if you want to filter our the ones that are worth pursuing, keep reading. I have selected tried and tested ones who I know are reputable, usually have a good selection of jobs and do actually pay.

There are plenty more. If you search content mills on google, you will probably find hundreds. I am still sifting through many. Some are known to be very good but are not taking new writers so they have been missed off the list. Others are not worth mentioning. So as soon as I find one that is worthy of a place on this list, I will add it.

The list of best content mills 2018 is the USA version of Textbroker. If you live in the UK, register on the second link.

Launched over 10 years ago, Textbroker is a well-known content mill with an emphasis on selling good quality content. It is an easy-to-register site. As an author, once registered and accepted, you will start at a 2* or 3* rating and this enables you to access all jobs advertised as 2* or 3*.

Textbroker check and rate work regularly and are quick to move you up to a 4* if they can see your writing is of a good standard. 4* attracts more jobs and better pay.

The highest paid jobs are for 5* writers. To become 5*, you take an additional proofreading assessment.

5* writers will of course attract higher paid jobs but there do not appear to be that many 5* jobs available.

The amount you will receive is shown before you accept the work. Researching subjects takes timeIf it’s a subject you are familiar with, you can produce the work much quicker which means your payment doesn’t look quite so low.


I like Copify for the simplicity and straightforwardness. Registering is easy and you will start off as ‘standard level writer’. There are usually plenty of jobs typically available. The amount of money you will receive for each job is displayed next to it.

Instructions for each job is thorough.

If you are a newbie content writer, I would definitely recommend registering with Copify. Pay is similar to other mills but they are reliable, as are all in my list.


As with all mills I mention, I keep a close eye on all of them. I’ve noticed it seems to take a long time to be paid for some jobs on Copify. Not very helpful when trying to make money. Be prepared for waiting up to 1 month to get paid!!!

**Update 23rd October 2018**

I have had to revisit this page to update. I did have but after several weeks and no available tasks, I’ve had to delete them from the ‘Best’!

Textbroker has been surprisingly very quiet too these last couple of weeks. In fact last week I saw a handful of very small, insignificant jobs that I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole. Disappointing but as far as Content Mills go, they are still my favourite.

Copify have many jobs. Mostly product descriptions but as it has been over 2 weeks since I sent my last product description, (still with no feedback or payment), I am refraining from spending my time writing any more for the same company. There are plenty of other jobs to be fair, but I just feel a little miffed at waiting so long so I am continuing with other projects for the time being.

Other content mills I haven’t tried yet – but will!

I am compiling a list of content mills that I still need to try. I’m trying to get through at least one a day! If they turn out to be legit and worthy of a spot on the list of best content mills 2018, they will get moved! But I must emphasise, they are not necessarily poor because they are sat here. I just want to give them a chance first!




  • Content Gather
  • Copypress
  • Crowd Content
  • Fiverr
  • iWriter
  • Scripted
  • Upwork
  • Writers Domain
  • Writer Access
  • Zerys


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