You may have heard of revenue sharing sites and wonder how exactly they work. This page is dedicated to explaining how they operate and how to make money from them.

What is a revenue sharing site?

A revenue sharing site is different from content mills but worthy of a mention for all content writers.

How they work is by allowing you, the author, to write an article on virtually anything you like. You use their site to publish and host the article, all of which is completely free, and in turn if your article generates a lot of traffic, you gain a portion of the revenue the site makes.

In general, you will not make a lot of money. You can usually choose to add extra streams of income by allowing ads placed on your posts. Google Adsense and Amazon are both contenders and if you do decide to allow their ads to be placed on your article, you could find yourself generating slightly more income if visitors click on the ads and make a purchase.

What can I write about on revenue sharing sites?

The beauty of revenue sharing sites is that you can write about virtually anything! But there are some points to consider if you want to entice more traffic and make money. You decide what to write about

Firstly, the content you write needs to be somewhat unique. The world wide web is full of facts, advice and articles of interest, but if you are writing about something that has been covered several hundred times over, your written work becomes lost in the search results .

Writing a distinctive piece will separate your work from the others and make it more exclusive.

That said, if you have excellent subject knowledge in a particular area, or an interest that you’re happy to research, get writing.

If you are taking your writing seriously, I would suggest learning about SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimisation. I’ll cover this in another post but briefly, a good knowledge of SEO will help increase your chances of your article ranking higher and gaining more traffic.

How much can I make on revenue sharing sites?

How much you can make is dependant on several things. To make money, you need to generate a lot of traffic. To generate traffic, you need to write good content that is ideally unique, free from spelling and grammatical errors and possibly offers a new perspective on the subject.

Most people make very little to start, if anything. If you produce a well-written piece, the site may showcase the article which will gain extra traffic. Using SEO will also help.

Some people think writing more articles give your more chances to make money. This is often not the case. It is the quality of the article that matters. One well-written, unique article has more chance of making money then 15 articles written on a saturated subject with nothing new to read in it.

So your focus should be quality and not quantity when writing for revenue sharing sites.

The best Revenue sharing sites to work for in 2018

In my honest opinion, there are only 2 strong contenders in 2018.

Hubpages and Infobarrel

These 2 are the most reputable, helpful and successful. There have been plenty more that have come and gone. Many had amazing review and a good reputation but, for whatever reasons, haven’t managed to sustain their business.