Pros and Cons of Content Mills

Here we discuss the pros and cons of content mills and how best to use them to your advantage.

Renowned for low pay, Content mills are  certainly not for everyone. Many people use the mills as a stepping-stone to start their writing career. Others are happy to use them as their full-time income.

Love them or hate them, they could be just the thing that sets you off on your way as a credible web writer.


Yes, there are pros! And if you stay positive, you can use the pros to your advantage.

You can work from home

An obvious pro but hugely important to many. No more daily commute!

Parents of young children will be able to continue their own child care.

No more rush-hour traffic to contend with or what smart apparel to change into. Working from home is a huge pro and takes first place!


Getting paid for writing

Regardless of how much you earn, getting paid for doing something you enjoy is still a bonus.

If you enjoy writing and have a desire to work from home, then you can earn a living writing for content mills. How much you can earn varies and is discussed in other posts. But, put simply, you will earn money.


Your writing could lead you to higher paid jobs

This is an important fact and one that is often forgotten quite easily. All newbie content mill writers have the opportunity to write good content.

Direct orders lead to more moneyIf you continue to write well, it is only a matter of time before you are identified as talented and clients will start to come to you for direct orders.

We will discuss direct orders later in detail, but basically your income will increase when a client requires you to write directly for them.


Writing experience

Do not undervalue the importance of experience.

The only way to improve your writing skills is to keep writing and gain experience. The more you practise, the more confident and knowledgable you will be.

Valuable Feedback

Working for content mills means accepting feedback, both good and bad. This may be from the organisation you work for, or the clients themselves. Sometimes both.

It is good practise to use this feedback constructively. Sadly, some people take offence at negative feedback but it is not there to offend you. On the contrary, feedback, whether positive or negative, is there to help you understand what is going well and what needs improvement with your writing.

The Cons

As the saying goes, if something seems too good to be true, it’s usually because it is! A career in Content Mill writing is relatively easy to enter, but it comes with drawbacks.

So, before handing in that resignation letter, lets delve further into the flip side of the pros and cons of content mills.

Low Pay

In some cases pay is not only low, but insulting. Let’s not hold back here. You will not make a decent living writing for a content mill. Certainly not at first. Fact!

If you ask a content mill writer what is the worst aspect of their job, it will undoubtedly be the pay.


You may have spent the best part of 5 hours researching a subject you know little about, followed by a further 2 hours putting it into words. Not only do you receive little remuneration for your hard work, you get absolutely no credit for it either. Someone else does!

But that is what you sign up for. You are doing the work for someone else. When you release that work and it is accepted by the client, it becomes their work. You have terminated all rights to it. It now belongs to the client for them to amend it, tell everyone it’s theirs and post it on their site. You will never be able to use that work again. Not for anything! So when it has gone, accept it and move on to the next job.

Working from home

It can be isolating working from homeNot everyone appreciates the isolation of working from home. Socially you may feel a degree of detachment from normal life. The home office can become a lonely place and the novelty being stuck there for continuous periods may soon dissipate.

Working from home also comes with challenges. You need to be very disciplined and motivated for starters. It is too easy to get distracted by housework, daytime TV, chatting on the phone..





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