How much will I get paid

how much will I get paid

How much will I get paid

Getting paid by Content mills is always a sore subject. Pay is typically low and it can take some time to build up a living wage.

I have already given some reliable mills that I know do pay, but the big question is obviously, how much will I get paid?


Examples of content mill payments in 2018

In my post of the best content mills 2018, I have used some examples of who I consider to be worthy of a mention. As their pay is quite typical for newbie writers, I will use these figures as a rough guide as to what pay you can expect. My advice is not to register with anyone lower than these figures.


As I am writing from the UK, we’ll start with Textbroker UK. Their payment is given in Euros so I will convert to GBP as at today’s rate (5th October 2018).

As most people start Textbroker as a 3* writer, I will give you 3* examples.

For a 400-word article, payment is €3.80 (£3.35)

A 600-word article pays out €5.70 (£5.03)

Writing an 800-word article will pay you €7.60 (£6.70)

And for a 1000 word article, payment is €9.50 (£8.38)

The current national minimum wage for an adult over the age of 25 is £7.83ph. So if you can write a 1000-word article in one hour, you will just top the minimum wage. Or you could look at it another way – 2 x 600-word articles per hour would also slightly exceed the NMW.



We’ll give Copify a go this time. Their current rates for a new, standard writer is as follows.

A 100-word product description pays £1.50.

A 400-word blog post will reward you with £6.

A 750-word article pays out £11.25.

So working for Copify is better pay but, a standard Copify writer is probably the equivalent of a 4* Textbroker writer.

If you are able to produce a good standard of written work at a fast pace, then you might just achieve this.


Before you start calculating  how many 10’s of articles you can pump out in your 6-hour working day, remember to factor in research time.

Researching a subject you are unfamiliar with can take many hours. Clients are looking for articles and posts with detail and the only way you’ll get that, is to thoroughly research.

If the subject is one you have no knowledge of whatsoever, it is best to estimate the research time.Doing this before you accept it will save you wasting time.

For example, Textbroker have advertised a job. The job requires a 600-word article on finance. You’ve never worked in finance or have any knowledge on the subject. Therefore this will take some serious research!

You might estimate 2 hours of solid research plus 1 hour to put all your research into an article. Spending 3 hours on a 600-word article will still only pay out £5.03. That works out at an insulting £1.68ph. Hardly a living wage.

If you think you can research and produce a good article in 30 minutes, on a subject you don’t have knowledge of, you are wrong!

So when you ask “how much will I get paid”, you will need to determine how long the task will take.



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