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Welcome to Content Mill Writer. A site for the new and established web content writer.

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You may be new to web writing, an established content writer or simply curious. Whatever your reason, you should find lots of useful information within this website.

The purpose of this site is to give a completely unbiased, honest opinion of using content mills. There are always pros and cons and we will study all of them.


First, let’s answer a few basic questions to understand the nature of writing for a living, using the internet.

What is a Web Content Writer?

A web Content writer is a person that produces a piece of written work suitable for the internet. The written piece could be an article, blog post, review, description of a product, essay… virtually anything but for the purpose of it being readable on the world wide web.


What is a Content Mill?

A content mill, also known as a content farm, word farm and various other names, is simply a name given to a business that sells the written work as mentioned above. For example, a company may not have time to update their blog frequently so will use a content mill to purchase a written blog post. The blog post has been written by the web content writer. For more information on Content Mills, click here.


Who can become a Content Writer?

You don’t need to be a professional writer to write for the web. Neither will you need a degree or subject specialism.

A good grasp of the English language however, is essential. Likewise, spelling and grammar are equally important. Internet skills are imperative because you will likely need to do research and obviously there will be lots of typing involved.

If you would like more information on the skills involved to be become a content writer, read this post.





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